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BY Yasmine Peru - STAR Writer December 03, 2021


Comedian, old-school deejay and YouTube sensation BawdaCat, who is steadily rebuilding his 'Bawda Cat Tales', after severing ties with his original business partner, is making his film debut and he couldn't be happier.

He makes an appearance in Fall of Revenge, the new Jamaican movie starring the late Louie Rankin and Paul Campbell. It also introduces reggae artiste Jahvillani and Bizmo iBoss in their first big-screen motion picture.

BawdaCat says his journey to this role was uneventful. It just fell in his lap and the stars aligned in March last year.

"I think the producer dem see me on YouTube and reach out to Drizzy [former business partner] and find me," he explained. "They said that they want me to do a clip in the movie. But dem never get to do it because I was going to Canada."

In what seemed like destiny, the producers also had a shoot set up in Canada, and once BawdaCat arrived, they located him and put things in motion.

"Once dem find me in Canada, we never hesitate. Everything just set up same time and me follow instructions and complete my scene," BawdaCat explained.

The comedian said one of the things that impressed him most about the movie was the stars.

"When me see people like Teddy Brukshut [Louie Rankin] and Jahvillani, me seh, okay I believe this would be a good look for my career. The trailer is out and I am urging all my fans to take a look at it and make sure to see the movie," he said.

BawdaCat, who first set set YouTube alight more than a year ago with his comedic reasonings on a construction site with his friends, walked away from his first channel, which had more than 125,000 subscribers, but he has no regrets.

"Me and that person had a conflict and I decided to step down and gwaan do my thing. We are building it; we don't reach the 100,000 yet, but we getting there," he said.

Scheduled to open on January 1, 2022, Fall of Revenge, described as a suspenseful thriller, was written and directed by Sidiki Morrison, produced by iHouseRecords and co-produced by Bernd Queiser.

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